Beer spilled all over used laptop.

My sisters an idiot. Shes 26 years old and acts like a toddler. About a month ago she spilt beer all over her laptop. She dried the oven on low...(dumb enough, but wait it gets better). About a week ago her computer started making a funny smell and would pop follow by a shut down of the laptop. Her fix? POOR WATER ON IT. She claims "Water doesnt hurt laptops because theres nothing to carry the electric charge. All it does is clean the dust out of it". What can you say to this? Honestly, so stupid. Okay so it gets better. Now her laptop starts clicking and smoke comes out. Her solution? Water then put it in the freezer....can you get dumber. So her laptop finally kicks two days ago. She goes out and buys a new one. About an hour ago i find it in the freezer.